Contemporary musical creation is a permanent feature in the Orchestre national d’Île-de-France’s activities; it thereby develops an ambitious policy of commissions and creations of contemporary works.






The selected finalists of Île de creations 2019 are :

MORITZ REICH, Eôn, l’Homme dans le temps
Studies at CRR 93 Aubervilliers, La Courneuve
Moritz Reich - Idc
« Éôn is a deity of ancient Phoenicia which is commonly associated with Aion : the unbounded circular time. It’s the time of seasons, of life and death, day and night, with no beginning and no ending.
This is why Éôn is sometimes represented as a carefree boy playing trictrac, sometimes as an old man weakened by age who, sitting next to Zeus, turns the wheel of time, thus becoming constantly rejuvenated.
Time is the main parameter of music, which itself is part of a temporal evolution thus creating a subjective time: sometimes time seems to accelerate, sometimes it seems to slow down.
It is the very perception of time for the human being who does not feel the time of chronometers but lives his time: personal and cyclical. This is what I wanted to express with my piece
 Éôn : the place of Men in time. »

NATHANAËL GUBLER, L’Homme désarmé : Vague memories, Verwischung
Studies at Royal College de Londres
Nathanael gubler IDC « My piece is scored for chamber orchestra or small orchestra, although with an instrumental emphasis on the woodwind and brass section. Throughout the five movements the orchestra is often split into multiple sub-ensembles which present quite contrasting material.
Two shadows surround two attempts to remember the ancient french melody
L’Homme armé
(“Armed man”). We never hear the melody in full, leaving us naked and vulnerable.
I. Shadow I
II. First attempt to remember
III. Second attempt to remember
IV. Shadow II
V. Electro
When I was composing this piece, I was thinking about ending it in a quite thoughtful way. However, i
felt it was not appropriate. There was the desire to give the spark of life more space so I decided to end the piece with a techno dance movement. It represents to me a commitment for free movement regardless of social judgement, religion or fear of violence.»


Studies at Royal College de Londres
Joel Jarventausta « Ripped Tapestry is built of five short movements, all responding to the famous anonymous medieval tune - l’homme armé - in either structural, harmonic or melodic ways. The title refers to the idea of an imaginary tapestry - depicting the armed man - destroyed, ripped apart resulting in an abstracted version of the original. The music follows in this vein.
Ripped Tapestry is a sister piece to Stonewalls (2017) which responds to a medieval plainchant too, however not from France but Finland. »



The Jury of the finale will meet at the Centre des Bords de Marne – Le Perreux sur-Marne on Thursday 21st February 2019 at 20:30 pm, to select the winning work.
Each of the works in the final round will be performed in public by the Orchestre national d’Île-de-France in the presence of you and the finalist composers.
Free entrance on reservation at Centre des Bords de Marne .


Dai Fujikura Dai Fujikura

Application profile
The competition is opened to composers under 33 years old on January 1st, 2019, from any country and enrolled in composition and /or orchestration training program in the European Union within the five last years.

Applications shall compose ten minutes of music for symphonic orchestra on the theme L’Homme armé (“Armed Man”).
Finalists prizes
. Recorded
. Dai Fujikura composition master-class
. Edouard Signolet stage director working-session
Winner prizes
. created and played in March 2019 at the Philharmonie de Paris Paris and on a tour by Orchestre national d’Île-de-France
. broadcasted on Création Mondiale on France Musique and dotation of 1000 euros by Radio France
. edited by Editions Durand-Salabert-Eschig / UMPC
. dotation of 2500 euros by Musique Nouvelle en Liberté.

March 12th 2018 Opening applications
September 10th 2018 Closing applications
October 1st 2018 Results 1st round
November 8th and 9th 2018 Dai Fujikura master-class
November 26th 2018 Closing 2nd round
February 21th 2019 Finale at Centre des Bords-de-Marne – Le Perreux-sur-Marne
February 2019 Publishing winner piece by Editions Durand-Salabert-Eschig / UMPC
March 2019 Creating winner piece by Orchestre national d’Île-de-France
Spring 2018 Broadcast on France Musique


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Jury will be chaired by Enrique Mazzola, musical director.
Jury will be made up of the sponsor, the conductor of the finale, musicians from the orchestra, composers and delegates of partners.
A delegate of the SACEM will take part as an observer in the Jury’s deliberations.



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